CSMVS, Mumbai

CHANGEMAKERS: The Extraordinary Lives of Ordinary Women in the Bombay Presidency. As part of the centenary celebration of CSMVS, Mumbai, this exhibition showcases and celebrates the lives of women 100 years ago. It is a homage to all those who worked hard and passionately to bring about social change.

Designed all the collaterals related to this exhibition.



INDIA & THE WORLD: A 3 dimensional childrens book created for the iconic India & The World exhibition.
Each page depicts objects from one of the nine galleries in the show. This was a collaborative effort between the
British Museum (London) and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Vastu Sangrahalaya (Mumbai).

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Alpaiwalla Museum

This museum is devoted entirely to the cultural and religious aspects of the Parsi community. The colours used in the logo are associated with Iran: the turquoise which is seen in a lot of the local monuments; ochre symbolises the terrain, and the arched lines echo the actual structure of the museum building.





THE TIMES OF INDIA: Created these water flasks and jute bags for the The Times of India as a giveaway to their delegates during their annual Litfest.




TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES (TCS) facilitated the architectural restoration of the Rajabai Clock Tower complex in the
Fort area of Mumbai. This is an example of the portfolio that showcased the work that was done to the building.

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ANGELIQUE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED: A Global Engineering, Procurement and Construction Company based in Delhi.
Their CSR projects include, providing libraries to poorly funded schools, solar power to rural areas and various programmes to enhance the general empowerment of women. My involvement has ranged from creating an annual report, to logo development and designing awareness material in different formats.

Annual Report Cover
Sticker for Mushroom pack
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MEERA DEVIDAYAL : Catalogues of paintings by this well-known Mumbai based artist.


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An Artists Book, which talks about the changing facade of the city using Textile Mills as a sociological and physical metaphor.


POPHAM DESIGN: brings a modern design sensibility to the tradition of Moroccan cement tiles. Grouped into four collections the patterns within each are designed to be flexible so that the same tiles can be arranged in numerous layouts.

(Designed information material)





THE TABLE: is one of South Mumbai’s most stylish and unique restaurants. Chef Alex Sanchez uses the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients, to create the diverse and globally inspired menu.

(Art direction of photography and publicity material)

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BOOK JACKETS: A few of the covers I have designed for various publishers over the years.




AKBAR AND BIRBAL: This book was selected by White Ravens at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016, for their annual catalogue of book recommendations in the field of international children’s and youth literature. The narrative is depicted through the medium of collaged handmade paper.


CARNABY STREET: A zany childrens book which describes all the eccentric relatives who come one by one, to visit Carnaby Street, in her house in Morocco. The main intent of the book, is to highlight vocabulary which is becoming obscure and to breathe new life into such words. Each copy of the book has a bookmark and a pocket magnifier. Use the magnifier to reveal some cunningly hidden, new words. Coloured text on the page is your clue that a definition is hidden nearby.


TAHIR SHAH: An astonishing tale based on true-life endurance, Tahir Shah’s epic novel Timbuctoo brilliantly recreates the obsessions and whims of the Regency, as a backdrop for one of the greatest love stories ever told. This book has 544 pages with 6 large fold-out maps and a rear pocket with inserts.



DORLING KINDERSLEY: A practical reference guide to more than 550 of the most important medicinal herbs from Europe,India, China, Africa, Australia and the Americas. It provides detailed information on parts used, active constituents, therapeutic properties, research, and traditional and current uses.


WEBSTER’S: Featuring concise and vivid descriptions of the world’s leading wines, wine regions, producers and grape varieties, the book also covers topics such as modern and organic viticulture, tasting, storing and serving wine. There are brand new maps of the world’s leading wine-producing regions.


EDDISON SADD EDITIONS: A study of colour as experienced by us in our daily lives. It covers topics such as the healing power of colour, colour as fragrance, colours of the zodiac, personal colour types, and colour in the future.


DORLING KINDERSLEY: A mouthwatering visual gallery of classic breads from around the world. This title contains over 100 recipes for breads of all kinds, including crusty baguettes, filled focaccia and tangy sourdough loaves. These are made accessible to the home baker by innovative how-to photography and easy-to-follow instructions.



DORLING KINDERSLEY: A guide which explores in detail, every type of therapy: medicinal systems such as Chinese medicine and homeopathy; body-based treatments like osteopathy and shiatsu; and therapies focusing on the mind and emotions; including counselling and hypnotherapy.


BRILLIANT BOOKS (for TESCO): Everything from the biggest tidal wave to the tallest skyscraper; the most poisonous animal to the highest box office takings for any film. A concise square formatted book aimed at introducing children to the wonders of the world.