As a graphic designer I am passionate about harnessing the rich artistic background of my Indian heritage, as well as the cultural colour of the lands in which I have lived and travelled.

I grew up in Mumbai, where I was influenced by the vibrant pace of life, and by the tropical seasons on the margins of the Arabian Sea. After graduating from The Cathedral School, I attended The Rhode Island School of Design, in Providence, RI. It was there that I was encouraged to experiment with all forms of design, and to develop my own artistic style.

After graduation, I spent a year in New York, working for Scholastic Inc., after which I relocated to London. I lived there for nine years, where I was involved with the design of non-fiction illustrated books at Dorling Kindersley.

Constructed at a crossroads of culture, my work is a blend of East and West. The sheer vitality of India has been an enormous influence, as has been the considered approach of Occidental design. Another significant stimulus in my work is Moroccan culture, having spent much of the last decade in Casablanca, living with my family in a mansion set squarely in the middle of a sprawling shantytown. My design is characterised by an exceptional and uncompromising eye for detail, and for the ability to bridge West with East. I like to think that the use of colour is the single most important feature that runs as a common thread through my entire body of work.

Although I have come to be known as a designer of superlative books, I enjoy all sorts of design work, ranging from corporate identity to styling, to projects involving the developing of a design brand.

My specialty is to design the highest quality of anything for print, and to see a project through all stages until publication. In this role, I am used to sourcing the best printers in the world, and to collaborate with illustrators, photographers, editors and other professionals. Nothing gives me more joy than breaking the mould, forging new boundaries in a hybrid of East-West design.

Currently based in Mumbai, I am always happy to discuss potential projects, and encourage publishers or individuals to get in touch.

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